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Let us help you visualise your goals, through the development of an innovative marketing strategy customised to suit your needs.



We pride ourselves on developing eye catching, modern and functional web design to keep your customers coming back for more.



So you have a website but is it generating leads / revenue? We can help you to unlock your businesses potential through our lead generation process



We harness the power of digital marketing to implement social and digital campaigns that will boost revenue and brand awareness.



Is your business being found online? Let us help you to boost traffic to your website, using the best white hat SEO practices.



We utilise branding and trendy design to communicate your businesses story, personality and above all make you stand out from the crowd.

High End Web Hosting Covering The Globe

30 Day Free Trial - 24/7/365 Support - 1-Click 40+ Scripts Installer - Website Builder

Top Tier Web Hosting With The BEST Tech Support 24/7/365

Check out our awesome premium web hosting services that are unmatched. Our hosting system features top security for your sites. A ZFS file storage will help you keep your site contents resistant to data corruption and the built-in ModSecurity firewall will allow you to avoid hacker attacks.

We deploy data compression to help make your websites work more quickly than ever before. Site acceleration tools are integrated too. If you’d like assistance with moving your sites over to us – we’ll do that for you at no further charge.


We create some awesome web apps too!


DL Smart School

DL Smart School is a user-friendly School/College Management and CRM system aimed at the educational sector, that provides a business/school owner with the correct tools to manage all the aspects of their business/school.

DL Smart School system has two parts Admin (Manager & Owner) & User (Employee, Students & Parents) section.

Powerful Dashboard

Employee Management Section

Transactions (Accounts) Section

Payroll Management System

Notice Board & Events Section

Products & Services Section

Sales & Purchases System

Extra Features


DL Office Manager

DL Office Manager is a user-friendly CRM system aimed at SME sector, that provides a business owner with the correct tools to manage all the aspects of their business.



DL Office Manager has two parts Manager/Admin & Employee section.


The Manager/Admin section includes different points that work together to help you run your business in the most effective manner and manage your employees at the same time.


DL Time Trek App

DL Time Trek App is a very useful tool that provides the Employer with valuable data and management of the employee working hours. This is a desktop/mobile app that has two parts Manager/Admin & Employee section.

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Expert Team

We provide each and everyone one of our clients with honest and tangible results.

We Listen & Guide

We educate and explain to our clients exactly what they need and what they will get with our service.

Top Notch

We don’t “just do the job”, we work with our client to make sure their expectations are met to the last point.


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