Intellectuals Solve Problems, while Geniuses Prevent Them!

There’s certain information that’s critical to have before action is taken. As the saying goes - "Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them."

The same can be said when starting a new online business. By not over-investing, you’ll be quicker to reach the goal of seeing profits. And since there are several free marketing tools to get you started, saving money comes easily. 

So before wasting any more time, let’s take a look at these major money-savers.


his tool not only saves you money, but it also saves you time.

Buffer is a social media management tool with a free version that’s perfect for small businesses. 

Here’s how it works-

Buffer’s software can be used both on the web and mobile. It’s a single dashboard linked to all of your business social media accounts. 

With this tool you can- schedule, create, manage, engage, and analyze your social media interactions- all in one place. 

This tool lets you work smarter, not harder as it optimizes time spent on social media marketing. 


Do you ever wish you could be a fly on the wall? Just for a moment, so you could get the unfiltered opinions of your product or business? 

Having this kind of insight can help a business adapt to what suits their customers’ needs. This is exactly what Mention is for.

Mention is a listening software that picks up on social media conversations involving your business. Anytime your business is mentioned on social media, this tool sends you an alert.  

Knowing your audience on this level makes marketing to them a piece of cake! 

Logo Creator

Branding is crucial for a solid marketing strategy. Since customers buy from companies they know and trust, forming a brand identity is key. 

And at the centre of every brand is a logo. Your logo is what labels your content and promotional materials as yours. It’s the very symbol of your brand. 

As important as your logo is, it’s smart to take this step into your own hands. This is why Logo Creator is every new entrepreneur’s best friend. 

With LogoCreator, you can build your logo from scratch, just the way you want it. This free tool provides easy-to-use design features and lets you upload an icon of your choice. 

Time and cost-efficiency at it’s finest.


For any style of marketing, one fact holds true- it has to look good. You want to wow your audience. To compel them to take a closer look and interact with your material. 

That’s where graphic design comes in. We’re naturally visual creatures. We like things that are aesthetically pleasing and engaging.

What if you haven’t mastered graphic design? Or you don’t have fancy, expensive software? 

Then head to Stencil for your marketing project needs. This free tool is fantastic for those who want gorgeous-looking designs done with minimal effort. Stencil makes this possible with templates and design features for a user-friendly experience.

Hubspot’s Email Marketing Tool

Direct digital marketing wouldn’t be complete without Email. 

Email is a great opportunity to show your customers you care. You can give your customers the authenticity they expect by creating customized newsletters.

Designing, scheduling, and managing an Email marketing strategy can all be done through Hubspot.

These marketing experts were kind enough to provide sophisticated tools like this- free of cost. Making the lives of up-and-coming entrepreneurs that much easier.

Google Analytics

Knowing how users interact with your website can help you to better optimize the experience. And a smoother user experience leads to higher conversion rates. 

Skip the guessing game and get an in-depth analysis of your website. 

Analyzing the data from your website can be done for free with Google Analytics. This tool tells you how many visitors your site has and how they’re interacting with it. Plus, you’ll see where the traffic comes from i.e. paid or organic search. 

A clear solution for website optimization.

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