I'm a junior marketing consultant associate with Digital Locker, an Irish digital marketing agency which is expanding to the Spanish market. I got my degree 6 months ago and I have been searching for my dream job since. I know how hard our Marketing industry can be because it can be more competitive, so the standards go up and the opportunities start to be fewer. But reality hit me hard when I started to see that I never was enough for any job position and then the low self-confidence, anxiety and insecurity started. Luckily, people made me realize that is not just my problem because it is affecting several amounts of the millennial generation and for that reason me and the people who participated in this article we decided to speak up and stand out for all professionals who are in the same situation.

For a long time, we thought the most common worry of a student was to pass all their test to successfully get the degree. But, what about if we talk about the anxiety which can appear just because you don't have a clear future after a big goal like to get graduated? Here is where the problems start to hit the young people.

Nowadays getting a job is a big deal because it's a long list of skills and knowledge you must get to reach the standards of any job opportunity that will pop out at any job search application. Some of the requirements can be contradicting because for a junior position they are asking for more than 4 years of experience and on top of it different skills and languages.

But what causes this situation?

  1. It can generate low self-confidence in young people who are looking for a job because after being told so many times that they still must learn they will get the idea of they are not capable to do the job. So, the young people will start to study and learn more things, but it will never be enough for them either.
  2. It will affect their desires and expectations of growth as a professional
  3. Young people will lose their goal of finding their dream job and they will start looking for a job for money.

To be entitled to talk about this topic I made a survey on LinkedIn, and I noticed it was a lot of things where young people agreed:

  1. They struggle for long periods to find a job.
  2. They feel they must learn more skills to be capable of a job.
  3. Low self-confidence.
  4. Online applications can be the new ghosting

This is a common pattern which has been repeated for a few years without the business realizing that they are affecting people. But yet, they complain about how difficult it is to find a profile that will match their work vacancy. What is the problem here? Are businesses not clear about what they want? Why the university is still not enough to prepare you for your first job?

Searching  your first job process "the worst nightmare of young people"

This blog has been created by Andrea Iglesias!

(Digital Locker Marketing Associate)

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