3 Small Business Branding Practices for New Entrepreneurs

3 Small Business Branding Practices for New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and Branding!

If you're a new entrepreneur, you may feel a bit lost when it comes to branding. This word is thrown around a lot in terms of establishing a niche within the industry, but when it's time to put actionable steps into practice, you might not be sure where to start. Learn more about branding and consider the ideas outlined below to grow your business quickly. 

What Is Branding?

Branding involves giving your company a personality and an identity. It's a multifaceted mission involving everything from deciding upon signature colours and logos to composing a mission statement outlining your purpose and ethics.

Best Branding Practices to Implement

1. Choose an Identifiable Logo

If your future clients or customers can't pick your business out of a crowd, that's one of the first aspects of your fledgling venture that needs to change. Whether you choose to use an online logo maker or hire a designer to create a custom graphic, make sure your website's pictures, buttons, and headers are simple, streamlined, and easy to identify.

2. Inspire Trust

This concept is far easier said than done. The goal of a good branding campaign is to create a positive perception of your company and tell future customers that you are an expert. They should trust you. You can help inspire loyalty by following through with your company's promises and being transparent in your business practices.

For example, you may pledge to use sustainably sourced products or commit to going green within the next few years. Or, you might donate a certain percentage of your sales to charity. Outline on your website how you will achieve your mission.

3. Write Your Content in a Consistent Voice

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to elevate your branding practices is by writing your content in a positive, consistent tone. You don't want it to sound like your social media updates are written by one person while your blog posts are written by another (even if they are).

If writing and marketing content isn't your strong suit, it's easy to find a freelancer or outsource the task to a professional team. Regardless of who you choose to manage your content, remember to post consistently, but not too much (usually not more than one post a day) so that you don't irritate your potential customers.

When Should I Hire a Pro for Help?

It can be difficult to know when to hire a professional team to help with your new enterprise's branding mission. There's a lot you can do yourself, but it's possible you don't have time or don't understand your niche well enough yet. Consider hiring help in the following situations:

• Your business is growing fast and you need to devote more time to connecting with clients.

• You're not technologically proficient or you have trouble managing social media.

• You'd simply rather outsource the task to someone who does it as his or her entire job.

If you decide to bring in a professional team, the experts at Digital Locker can develop innovative marketing and branding solutions that will scale your business!

Keep Your Marketing Documents Organised

Any good business should have a system for organising its documents. This is important not only for keeping track of important marketing papers, but also for making sure that information can be easily found when it is needed. There are a few different ways to organise business documents. One option is to create a filing system, in which documents are sorted by type and stored in folders or binders. Another option is to use a digital system, in which documents are scanned and saved to a computer or cloud-based storage system. Once you scan these documents, you can combine the pages to limit the amount of files. 

Branding can be one of the most nebulous and confusing parts of growing a new company. Try to first streamline your company's social media, website, and in-person presence by aligning the look and feel of your logos and products. Don't be afraid to reach out to professionals if you need help!

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